Thursday, July 14, 2011

Types of Coaches

While we are counting down to the start of the season, I thought I would fill the gaps with various information.  I guess one of the best places to start is with the types of coaches your kids will come in contact with.  I base my descriptions on observations I have made over the years.  I am not describing any one single coach, but more instead, giving you the stereotypes I have come into contact with.

Join me over the next few days as I present to you the coaches working with your kids, and see if you can find them on your local coaching staff.

1.  Daddy Coach:  This is usually the first coach your child will come into contact with if you allow them to play youth league football (not recommended).  The Daddy Coach usually has no formal training, and as a result, he is dangerous.  He is a volunteer with a deep love of the game.  The only thing deeper than his love of the game are the issues of inadequecy he still carries from his playing days.  He is the guy that will make his son the quarterback, do what ever it takes to win, and generally use the kids as pawns to show his old high school coach that putting him on the bench was a mistake that was long forgotten to all but him.  You can tell a Daddy Coach by the veins that seem to always be bulging in his neck and forehead.  He will wear his team shirt to restaraunts, church, or anywhere he might be able to recruit an oversized 8 year old to fill his ego.
     This man has memorized every football cliche' known to exist, and will greatly exaggerate his accomplishments on the high school gridiron in order to inspire his players, and has no problem running up the score on a hapless opponent.  On Friday's he can be found at the local high school game screaming from the 42nd row as to how studpid the head coach is.  If only the head coach would run his plays, then a state title would be within their grasp.
     Be wary of this man.......he is dangerous.

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