Tuesday, July 26, 2011

High School Coaches

I guess first and foremost, I need to start with the Head Coach.  This is the man that will get all the credit or blame depending on the game or the season.  If you are in the stands, this man is either the smartest person in the stadium or the dumbest son of a bitch to walk the earth.

In most schools, the head football coach wears two hats.  He is the head football coach as well as the campus athletic director, and in some small districts, the district athletic director.  He is generally in charge of all athletics on campus, makes all hiring decisions, and must put out fires on all fronts.  Despite his devotion to football, he must also devote time and energy to the other sports as well.

Once again, Head Coaches can take on different personalities.  For the most part, these men care about the players they coach.  Some may care as to whether or not their players are getting an education, going to college, or becoming productive members of society.  Others care as to whether their players can produce wins, earn D1 scholarships and make them look good in the process.  Some will sacrifice wins for character.  Others will place winning above all.

Much depends on the man himself as well as the community he is in.  The more rabid a community is for wins, the more likely it is he will bend, twist, manipulate, or outright break rules.  I am not saying they are all like this, but it is time to be honest.  Head football coaches can be hired and fired because of their record, and many will do what ever it takes to keep that job.

I have worked for several head coaches in my day and have seen all of the above.  Some have Messiah Complexes that know no bounds.  Others will do anything for the kids and try to help them play at the next level, or just become good men.  As the season progresses, I will let you make your own judgement about my head coach.

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