Saturday, July 30, 2011

The High School Lifer

The Lifer in high school football is quite similar to the Nutcutter, but he has a conscience and morals.  The lifer may have wanted to be a head coach starting out, but when he saw the politics and what not involved, he changed his mind.  He loves football, loves the kids he coaches, and can't imagine himself ever doing anything else. 

The lifer may rise to the level of coordinator, but not much else, and he is good with that.  As long as he gets to head out and work with the kids, game plan, and share the ups and downs with those around him. 

The Lifer may be even tempered, or a bit excitable.  He will dog cuss a player one second and hug him the next.  He may be the guy that goes home and forgets about that day's doings, or he may be the guy that watches game tape and fondles himself.  He is a favorite among head coaches and Nutcutters because he poses no threat to them.  His only job is to make them look good, and usually has no problem doing that. 

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