Sunday, August 14, 2011

So you like weed........

So you like weed, or drinking, or sleeping in class, or cussing out your teachers,or bullying smallet students, or fighting, or stealing, or sexually harrassing the ladies?  Life can be difficult in most public school for students that have these issues.  In fact, many of these offenses can get you put in detention, suspended, sent to an alternative school, or even expelled.  That is, unless you possess the ability to play football.  Notice I didn't say if you are just "on the team".  Those that are merely "on the team" that commit these infractions are subject to the same rules as the rest of the student body.  They are the sacrificial lambs.  They are the examples that can stand up to the administration, the student body and the community at large. Some might even be kicked off the team. 

However, should you be a key member of the team, you are not subject to the same rules as others.  Even if you are caught and punished, you are welcome back to the team with open arms and open hearts.  I know you are busy picking your jaws up off the floor, but trust me, this is the sad truth.  I have seen "players" guilty of each of the above infractions either get off scott free or slapped on the wrist.  I have witnessed "players" in knock down, drag out fights, cheating on tests, cussing out teachers (and even coaches), getting caught stealing from team mates, coming in stoned, and even two running out in front of my car at one in the morning while holding beers.  The one thing they had in common was some coach covering their ass.  While some might be saying it is just boys being boys, it is not.  It is grown men giving tacit approval for behavior that would cost normal students, and even citizens, their freedom. 

I have been told to my face that I was not to fail a "player" that made a daily habit out of not coming to my class, and on the days he did, he would put his head down and sleep.  I caught  a "player"cheating on their semester exam, but was told he couldn't fail because summer school would interfere with summer workouts.   I had a "player" steal an iPhone from a girl's in my classroom, and been told not to report it to the administration.  I am tired of looking the other way, even if it means biting the hand that feeds me. 

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